Digital Tachometers Speed Sensors Monitors and Displays Conductivity Level controls and Relays
High performance audible and visual signals for commercial, industrial, marine, onshore and offshore hazardous locations. PH, Conductivity, ORP, Resistivity, Specific Ion and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers. Boiler Blow-Down Systems Cooling Tower Systems
Radio Telemetry, Wireless I/O, Serial Modems, Solar Panels and Antennas Sludge Blanket Monitors
Calibration Pneumatic Quick Connections and Other Pneumatic Quick Disconnect Fittings -Indicators -Totalizers -Flow Controllers -Fuel Consumption Computers -Batch Controllers -Flow Computers -Monitors
(THREE YEAR WARRANTY) Thermal Dispersion Technology. Flow, Interface and Level Switches. Gas Mass Flow Transmitters, Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Paddlewheel Flow Sensors, Insertion Mag meters
Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, Effluent Analyzers Pressure, Differential and Vacuum Switches - Hermetically Sealed Electronic Pressure Switch, Flow Switches
Pressure and temperature regulators, Control valves including Low Flow valves and Sanitary Valves VFDs & Electrical Components
Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meters Signal Conditioners Transmitters, I/P and P/I Converters, Isolators, Alarm Trips, Temperature Transmitters, CCS Cable Concentrator System, Digital I/O Modules, Power ransducers, PID Loop Controllers, Hart Modules
Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Equipment.
Combustible, Toxic, & Oxygen Gases. PID, NDIR, Catalytic, Electrochemical, MOS,
Open Path IR, & Ultrasonic Technology. Gas & Flame Control Systems.
Authorized Field Service. Portable Instruments & Safety Type Products.
Low power telemetry asset monitoring and IO solutions for industrial automation applications for general purpose and hazardous locations.
Digital Panel Meters Process Signals, Thermocouple and RTD Available with Alarms and Linearizers 4 Point Annunciator magnetic level gauges and magnetic level indicators, steam level indicators, and liquid level indicators.
Nuclear Density, Level & Weighing Devices Moore Products: Process Automation Controllers - Single & Multi - Loop,
Pressure Flow, & Level Transmitters, Safety Transmitters, Pneumatic Valve Positioners,
Pressure Regulators, Pneumatic Relays, I/P & P/I converters, Magmeters & Coriolis Meters

Milltronics: Ultrasonic & Radar Level Controls, Solids Flowmeters, Weigh Scales & Weigh Feeders

Controlotron- Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow meters for Liquid and Gases.
Temperature Sensors, Thermocouples and RTD’s, Thermowells Gamma Radiation Sensors for Level & Density, Belt Weight Scale, Non Contact Level & Flow
Turbine Flow Metering Solutions for oil, gas, and cryogenic liquids. (LIFETIME WARRANTY) Solid State Proximity Switches, Cord-sets, Smart Junction Boxes, Automation Modules, Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switches and Relays
Self-averaging Primary flow elements, Dual technology Accelabar Zero Straight Run Flow Meter, Building steam Sub Metering Systems. High Accuracy, High turndown. Electrical and electronic measuring instruments.
Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Level.
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