Welcome to Gilson Engineering Sales, Inc. We are a manufactures' representative for flow, pressure, level, analytical, data acquisition and automation products. In the January 1998 issue of Control Magazine Reader Choice Awards, 20 of the products we represent were voted tops in their specific category for service and performance. No other single manufacturer, including Fisher Rosemont, can offer the variety and wide selection of products that Gilson handles. Gilson Engineering Sales, Inc., is a 40-year old company started by Clete Gilson. Clete formerly worked at Westinghouse for 10 years and 2 years with a local instrumentation representative in the Pittsburgh area. The company still represents our two original principals. The company's first sales people were hand-picked from Westinghouse. In today's market the company believes in hiring competitive, hard-working people that are good listeners that demonstrate the highest degree of integrity. Today, our outside sales force has an average of 15 years of experience in the instrumentation field. They are supported heavily by an inside sales force (backup of 2:1) that is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to our customers. The company currently consists of 30 full time people, including 7 inside sales support people, 3 application engineers, and 12 outside sales engineers. In addition to the full time people, we also have 2 part time employees. We have a simple philosophy in our company: "What's it take to get the business." That attitude is instilled in top management to every individual in our company. This is evident by our phone system, where it is mandatory to answer the phone within two rings. After two rings, everyone in our company is expected to pick up the phone including our President. Our measurement from year to year is an extremely simple one. "Is it easier to do business with Gilson Engineering this year as opposed to last year?" Mission Statement Gilson Engineering will always treat their employees, principals and customers with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. Strategic Statement Gilson Engineering is a customer-focused organization. We will always try to solve customers' problems and meet their needs with both existing and leading edge technology for Automation and Process Control Industries. The Role of Our Principals We are extremely selective on the principals that we represent. We need to continue to build on our reputation and look for manufacturers that have a unique product that can enhance our position with